Intellectual Capital Management

The world’s first mobile application for the automation of intellectual assets management, focused on business owners with a simple interface that provides visualization of the entire IP-portfolio, statistical, accounting and analytical indicators of protection, capitalization and monetization.


Easy Control (24/7)

Direct monitoring of records and statements of intangible assets

Business Protection

How good is your business protected, which risks and threats are existing?

Simple and Clear

Visualization of your IP-portfolio, dynamics & trends

Smart Accounting

Discover the possibilities of costs recovery and capitalization in your accounting statements

Business Evaluation

Check now the current, market and potential values of your business

Additional Source of Income

Utilize all opportunities of your IP-Portfolio to create new sources of income

IP-Assets for Management

  • trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • copyright works, computer programs, databases, audio-video materials;
  • trade secrets, know-how, production secrets, works for hire;
  • goodwill, startups, websites, mob. applications, computer games, projects, customer & supplier lists, etc..

Business Strategies

IP-Audit. Risk analysis and identification of weak points in business protection

IP-Scanner. Analysis of IP-Portfolio compliance with local laws to avoid fines

IP-Capitalization. Capitalization of expenses invested in a business, conversion of expenses into business value (intangible assets)

IP-Valuation. Assessment of the market value of IP-items

IP-Registration. Protection of business from former employees, unfair competitors, unethical officials, etc.

IP-Monetization. Monetization of assets and generating additional income and economic benefits only from IP-Portfolio (without selling physical goods, providing services and performing work).

IP-Protection. Prohibition of counterfeit and plagiarism, removing of unfair competitors from the markets

IP-Strategy. Developing a business strategy using IP-assets

IP-Licensing. Development of a licensing and franchising system

IP-Investments. Investment project and attraction of investments

IP-Education. IP Training and Education

Partnership. Start business partnership and collaboration in IP-industry

Financial Benefits Calculator

1. Capitalization of costs invested in a business

2. Market valuation of IP for financial statements (reflected in the accounting system)

3. Bank loans or leasing, using IP as a mortgage

4. Investments (from investment companies, private investors, through IP-Exchange)

5. Royalty income (annual)

6. Compensation for defamation, fraud

7. Closing debts using IP instead of cash

8. Decrease of losses (and increase in profit)

9. Withdrawal of money in case of liquidation of the company

10. Compensation for disclosing trade secrets, for unfair competition

11. Confirmation for banks and other regulatory authorities of the source of origin of capital

12. Contribution as an investment in the subsidiary authorized (registered) capital

13. The increase in net assets of the company

14. Use as bail for the court, police and other bodies

15. Asset valuation for mergers and acquisitions

16. Valuation for transactions in the “Smart Inheritance” system

17. Amount of payment in case of divorce

18. “Golden Parachute” – the amount of compensation payments for aggressive actions (based on hidden requirements)

19. Valuation for IPO, ICO and IPS

20. Increase in authorized capital (fund)

21. Use for motivational payments to employees using the Smart-HR system


The application was developed on the basis of expertise, litigation, investment transactions and business technologies of the international IP-consortium Aston Alliance, which has been working since 1998 in the field of protection, capitalization and monetization of intellectual property in 15 countries of the world.

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